Alu Human DNA Typing Using PCR

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Your students use primers for a 300 base pair Alu insertion in chromosome 16 (PV92) to determine their own genotype! They can then compare their class results with others around the world over the internet.

Group size: For 25 students

Time required:

Extraction - 50 minutes
PCR Setup - 10 minutes
PCR - 90 minutes
Electrophoresis - 60 minutes
Staining - 5 minutes to overnight

PRODUCT UPDATE: PCR cycling change for PV92/Alu insert. Update effective for all #333 kits purchased after July 24th, 2014. Please read accompanying literature for your kit.

Kit includes: Instructions, PCR EdvoBeads™ PLUS, PV92 LyphoPrimer™ Mix, EdvoQuick™ DNA Ladder, LyphoControl™, Universal DNA Buffer, TE Buffer, Proteinase K, UltraSpec-Agarose™, TBE Electrophoresis Buffer Powder, SYBR®Safe Stain, FlashBlue™ Stain, Microcentrifuge & PCR Tubes, Disposable Plastic Cups, Salt Packets, & a 15 mL conical tube.

All you need: DNA Electrophoresis, Thermal Cycler, Micropipets: 5-50 µl, UV or Blue Light Transilluminator, White Light Box (optional), (2) Water Baths, Microcentrifuge & Microwave or Hot plate.

Storage: Some Components Require Freezer Storage Upon Receipt

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