Safety Data Sheets

Edvotek takes safety in the classroom seriously. Always have the safety data sheets available when performing an Edvotek lab.

We make a continuous effort to keep our safety data sheets up-to-date. Please see below for both kit-specific SDS and individual component SDS.

Kit Safety Data Sheets

EDVO-Kit #AP01- Artificial Selection
EDVO-Kit #AP02- Mathematical Modeling: Hardy-Weinberg
EDVO-Kit #AP04- Diffusion and Osmosis
EDVO-Kit #AP05- Photosynthesis
EDVO-Kit #AP06- Cellular Respiration
EDVO-Kit #AP07- Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis
EDVO-Kit #AP11- Transpiration
EDVO-Kit #AP12- Fruit Fly Behavior
EDVO-Kit #AP13- Enzyme Activity
EDVO-Kit #S-10- What Does DNA Look Like?
EDVO-Kit #S-30- How Clean is the Water We Drink and the Air We Breathe?
EDVO-Kit #S-41- Which QuickPlant™ is the Mutant?
EDVO-Kit #S-43- DNA DuraGel™
EDVO-Kit #S-44- Micropipetting Basics
EDVO-Kit #S-45- What Size Are Your Genes?
EDVO-Kit #S-46- Linking STEM to Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
EDVO-Kit #S-47- Linking Food Science to Biotechnology: Unlocking the Color of Candies
EDVO-Kit #S-48- What is PCR and How Does it Work?
EDVO-Kit #S-49- In Search of My Father
EDVO-Kit #S-50- Why Do People Look Different?
EDVO-Kit #S-51- Whose DNA Was Left Behind?
EDVO-Kit #S-52- The Secret of the Invisible Bands: A Genetics Exploration
EDVO-Kit #S-53- Mystery of the Crooked Cell
EDVO-Kit #S-54- What is qPCR and How Does It Work?
EDVO-Kit #S-68- What is an Epidemic and How Does an Infection Spread?
EDVO-Kit #S-70- How Does a Doctor Test for AIDS?
EDVO-Kit #S-74- What is Osmosis?
EDVO-Kit #S-75- Do Onions, Strawberries and Bananas Have DNA?
EDVO-Kit #S-91- Whose Fingerprints Were Left Behind?
EDVO-Kit #101- Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
EDVO-Kit #102- Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Plasmid & Lambda DNA
EDVO-Kit #103- Principles of PCR
EDVO-Kit #104- Size Determination of DNA Restriction Fragments
EDVO-Kit #105- Mapping of Restriction Sites on Plasmid DNA
EDVO-Kit #108- Principles of Gel Filtration Chromatography
EDVO-Kit #109- DNA Fingerprinting by Restriction Enzyme Patterns
EDVO-Kit #110- Molecular Weight Determination of Proteins
EDVO-Kit #111- Electrophoretic Properties of Native Proteins
EDVO-Kit #AP09/112- Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA
EDVO-Kit #113- Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography
EDVO-Kit #114- DNA Paterinity Testing Simulation
EDVO-Kit #115- Cancer Gene Detection
EDVO-Kit #116- Sickle Cell Gene Detection (DNA-based)
EDVO-Kit #117- Detection of Mad Cow Disease
EDVO-Kit #118- Cholesterol Diagnostics
EDVO-Kit #119- Genes in a Tube™
EDVO-Kit #120- Ready-to-Load™ DNA Sequencing
EDVO-Kit #121- Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms
EDVO-Kit #122- Detection of the Influenza Virus
EDVO-Kit #124- DNA Screening for Smallpox
EDVO-Kit #130- DNA Fingerprinting by PCR Amplification
EDVO-Kit #140- Blood Typing
EDVO-Kit #141- Blood-based Cancer Diagnostics
EDVO-Kit #150- Survey of Protein Diversity

Kit SDS Continued

EDVO-Kit #151- AIDS Kit III: Simulation of HIV Detection by Protein Electrophoresis
EDVO-Kit #153- Determination of Protein Molecular Weight
EDVO-Kit #166- Detection of a Simulated Infectious Agent
EDVO-Kit #191- Forensic Blood Typing
EDVO-Kit #192- Forensic Antigen Detection
EDVO-Kit #193- Forensic Enzymology
EDVO-Kit #194- Forensic Enhancement Techniques
EDVO-Kit #195- Forensic Toxicology
EDVO-Kit #202- Mini-Prep Isolation of Plasmid DNA
EDVO-Kit #203- Isolation of E. coli Chromosomal DNA
EDVO-Kit #204- Separation of RNA and DNA by Gel Filtration Chromatography
EDVO-Kit #205- Analysis of DNA Methylation Using Restriction Enzymes
EDVO-Kit #206- Restriction Enzyme Mapping
EDVO-Kit #207- Southern Blot Analysis
EDVO-Kit #208- RNA: Extraction and Digestion by RNAse
EDVO-Kit #209- Exploring the Bacteriophage Life Cycle
EDVO-Kit #212- Cleavage of Lambda DNA with Eco RI Restriction Enzyme
EDVO-Kit #213- Cleavage of DNA with Restriction Enzymes
EDVO-Kit #221- Transformation of E. coli with pGAL™ (Blue Colony)
EDVO-Kit #222- Transformation of E. coli with GFP & BFP
EDVO-Kit #223/AP08- Transformation of E. coli with GFP
EDVO-Kit #224- Rainbow Transformation
EDVO-Kit #225- DNA Fingerprinting Using Restriction Enzymes
EDVO-Kit #243- Ion Exchange Chromatography
EDVO-Kit #252- Fingerprinting of Bacterial Proteins
EDVO-Kit #253- Diversity of Fish Proteins
EDVO-Kit #266- What's In My Lunch? Quantitative Milk Allergy ELISA
EDVO-Kit #267- Single Antibody ELISA Diagnostics
EDVO-Kit #269- Introduction to ELISA Reactions
EDVO-Kit #270- Antigen-Antibody Interaction: The Ouchterlony Procedure
EDVO-Kit #271- AIDS Kit I: Simulation of HIV Detection by ELISA
EDVO-Kit #272- Immunoelectrophoresis
EDVO-Kit #273- Radial Immunodiffusion
EDVO-Kit #274- In Search of the "Kissing Disease"
EDVO-Kit #275- AIDS Kit II: Simulation of HIV Detection by Western Blot
EDVO-Kit #276- Clinical Diagnostic Immunoblot
EDVO-Kit #277- Affinity Chromatography of Glucose Binding Proteins
EDVO-Kit #278- Quantitative ELISA
EDVO-Kit #279- Immunology of Pregnancy Tests
EDVO-Kit #280- Detecting the Silent Killer: Clinical Diagnosis of Diabetes
EDVO-Kit #281- Principles and Practice of Diffusion and Osmosis
EDVO-Kit #282- Principles of Enzyme Catalysis
EDVO-Kit #300- Blue/White Cloning of a DNA Fragment and Assay of B-Galactosidase
EDVO-Kit #301- Construction and Cloning of a DNA Recombinant
EDVO-Kit #302- Purification of the Restriction Enzyme Eco RIEDVO-Kit #303- Exploring Biotechnology with GFP
EDVO-Kit #304- Biofuel from Alcohol Fermentation
EDVO-Kit #305- Fermentation & Bioprocessing of GFP
EDVO-Kit #311- DNA Fingerprinting by Southern Blot
EDVO-Kit #314- In Search of the Cancer Gene
EDVO-Kit #315- In Search of the Sickle Cell Gene by Southern Blot
EDVO-Kit #316- In Search of the Cholesterol Gene

Kit SDS Continued

EDVO-Kit #317- Western Blot Analysis (Polyacrylamide-based)
EDVO-Kit #330- PCR Amplification of DNA
EDVO-Kit #331- Investigating Synthetic Biology
EDVO-Kit #332- Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #333- Alu Human DNA Typing Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #334- VNTR Human DNA Typing Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #335- RT-PCR: The Molecular Biology of HIV Replication
EDVO-Kit #336- QuickPlant™ Genetics Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #337- Drosophila Genotyping Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #338- Exploring Plant Diversity with DNA Barcoding
EDVO-Kit #345- Exploring the Genetics of Taste: SNP Analysis of the PTC Gene Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #346- In Search of the Alcohol Gene
EDVO-Kit #369- Human PCR Tool Box™
EDVO-Kit #370- Simulation of Real-Time PCR (qPCR)
EDVO-Kit #371- DNA Fingerprinting Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #372- Quick PCR
EDVO-Kit #851- Effect of Alcohol on C. elegans
EDVO-Kit #852- Chemotaxis: The Science of Attraction in C. elegans
EDVO-Kit #856-C. elegans Ecology Platform
EDVO-Kit #858- Lighting Up Life: Expression of GFP in C. elegans
EDVO-Kit #904- Biochemical Analysis of Plant Enzymes
EDVO-Kit #905- The Dose Makes the Poison: Testing the Environmental Impact of Pollution
EDVO-Kit #907- Isolation and Gel Analysis of DNA from Plants
EDVO-Kit #908- Introduction to Plant Cell Culture
EDVO-Kit #910- Isolation of Plant Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
EDVO-Kit #948- Water Quality Testing IV: Comparison of Classical and PCR Detection of Water Contaminants
EDVO-Kit #951- Chromogenic Analysis of Water Contaminants
EDVO-Kit #952- PCR-based Testing of Water Contaminants
EDVO-Kit #953- Multiplex PCR-based Testing of Water Contaminants
EDVO-Kit #954- Toxicity Detection of Pollutants in Freshwater
EDVO-Kit #956- Bioremediation by Oil Eating Bacteria
EDVO-Kit #957- DNA Damage and Repair
EDVO-Kit #962- GMO: Identification of Genetically Modified Foods Using PCR
EDVO-Kit #986- Comparison of Mammalian Cell Types
EDVO-Kit #987- Chromosome Spread (Pre-Fixed Slides)
EDVO-Kit #990- Morphology of Cancer Cells
EDVO-Kit #992- Differentiation of Fat Cells
EDVO-Kit #1001- Eukaryotic Cell Biology
EDVO-Kit #1002- Cell Culture Toxicity Screening
EDVO-Kit #1100- Scents and Sense-ability
EDVO-Kit #1110- Cell Types in the Brain

Individual Comp. Safety Data Sheets

10X Blocking Buffer
10X Equilibration Buffer
10X Gel Loading Solution
50X Electrophoresis Buffer
ABTS Substrate
Acetocarmine Stain
Acid Color Reagent G
Acid Color Reagent H
Acidified Potassium Acetate
Affinity Gel
Ammonium Acetate
Antigens Simulated Sample
Ascorbic Acid>
Assay Mix
Bacterial Slant
Blue-Blot DNA Staining Solution
Buffer concentrate for RNase, Protease and DNA resuspension
Buffer for cell suspension
Cadmium Chloride
Carbol-fuschin (Ziehl-Neelson) stain
Catalase Solution
Cells Fixing AgentChelating Agent
Chloroplast Dilution Buffer
Chloroplast Extraction Buffer
Cholesterol Oxidase Enzyme
Cholesterol Standard Solution
Chromatography Solvent
Coliform Detection Broth
Color Developer
Color Enhancer
ColorTop Agar
Column Elution Buffer
Con A Control
Concentrated Buffer
Control Powder
Copper Sulfate
Detection Buffer
Diabetic Urine Powder
Digested DNA
Dilution Buffer
DNA Binding Solution
DNA Gel Marker
DNA Extraction Buffer
DNA in Solution
Donor Serum Simulated Sample
DPIP (2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol)
Dry Matrix
Dusting Powder
E. coli RY Extract
EDTA Solution
EDVOTEK Bugout™ Solution
EDVOTEK Instant Drosophila Growth Media
Electrophoresis Buffer 10x TBE
Ethidium Bromide
Extraction BufferFertilizer
Flash Blue DNA Stain
Giemsa Stain
Glucose Solution
Glycerol Solution
Growth Additive
Growth Media
Guaiacol Solution
Homogenization Buffer
Horseradish Peroxidase
Hydrochloric Acid
Hydrochloric Acid 0.1 M
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

SDS Continued

Imitation Vanilla
Indole Detection Reagent
Insect Cell Media
Instant Nonfat Dry Milk
InstaStain Blue
Iodine Solution
IQ Additive
Jack Bean
Kanamycin Sulfate
Leucocrystal Violet Solution
Ligation Buffer
Liquid Enzymes
Liquid Soap
Luminol Stock Solution
Luria Broth Media
Lysis Buffer
Manganase Sulfate
Methylene Blue
Mounting Medium
NBT-BCIP Tablets
Negative Insulin Control
NGM Medium Salts
Nitrogen Enrichment Solution
Nutrient Broth Media
Oil-eating Microbes
Oil-Red O Stain
Orange Stop Solution
PCR EdvoBeads
Peroxidase Co-substrate
Phenol Red
Phenolphthalein Stock Solution
Phosphate Buffer
Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS)
Positive Insulin Control
Potassium Acetate
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Hydroxide Solution
Potassium Iodide
Potassium Phosphate
Powdered Buffer
Practice Gel Loading Solution
Pre-cast Polyacrylamide Gels
Pre-stained LyphoProtein
Pre-stained LyphoProtein™ Standard Marker
Primers - Synthetic DNA
Protein Agarose
Protein Denaturing Solution
Protein InstaStain
Protein Samples
Proteinase K
Protein Standard Marker
PTC Paper
Pure Vanilla
Purification Buffer
Ready Pour Luria Broth
Ready Pour Luria Broth Agar Base
Ready Pour NGM Agar
Ready-to-Load DNA Samples
Ready-to-Load Dye Samples
Reconstitution Buffer
Red Dye Concentrate
Red Wine Vinegar
Reducing Reagent
Rehydration Buffer
Restriction Enzyme Dilution Buffer
Restriction Enzyme Reaction Buffer
Resuspension Buffer
RNAse Dilution Buffer

SDS Continued

RNA in Solution
RNAse Inhibitor
RNAse Reaction Buffer
RT-PCR EdvoBeads
Sarkosyl Solution
S-Buffer Salt Packets
Sample Mixture
Secondary Antibody
Seed Gel
Shielding Buffer
Shoot Elongation Growth Medium
Shoot Initiation Growth Medium
Simulated Antigen Sample
Simulated Blood Sample
Simulated Infectious Powder
Simulated Saliva Sample
Simulated Serum Sample
Simulated Toxicant Solution Concentrate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride Powder
Sodium Chloride Solution
Sodium citrate-isopropanol
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Solution
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Sodium Hydroxide Pellets
Sodium Hydroxide Solution
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (bleach)
Sodium Iodide
Sodium Phosphate Buffer
Sodium Thiosulfate
Solvent for Induction of Competency
Standard Dilution Buffer
Standard DNA Fragments- DNA Gel Marker
Standard Pigments
Starch Solution
Stop Buffer
Streptavidin-Alkaline Phosphatase, SAAP
Substrate Dilution Buffer
SYBR Safe DNA Stain
T4 DNA Ligase
TBE Electrophoresis Buffer Powder
TE Buffer
Termination Buffer
Tetrazolium Indicator Powder
Toluidine Blue Stain O
Toxicity Reduction Reagent
Tricine Buffer
Tris Buffer
Tris Buffered Saline Solution (TBS)
Tris-EDTA-Glucose (TEG)
Tris Glycine Powdered Buffer
Tris Glycine SDS Electrophoresis Buffer (10X)
Tris-Glycine-SDS Powdered Buffer
Trypan Blue Dye
Tween -20
Universal DNA Buffer
Universal DNA Extraction Buffer
Urinalysis Powder
Wash Buffer
Wright Stain
Yellow Dye
Yeast Growth Medium
Yeast Microbead
Zinc Sulfate