Investigation 11: Transpiration

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The principles of diffusion and osmosis are applied to the movement of water within plants. Emphasis is given to water potential transport and the effect of the plant environment on transpiration.

Group size: For 10 lab groups

Time required: Requires 1-2 hours

Kit includes: instructions, Bush Bean seeds (Phaseolus vulgaris), 2x Toluidine Blue O stain, parawax, plastic tubing, microtomes (nuts and bolts), petri plates, 0.1 ml pipets

All you need: 10 ml pipets, petroleum jelly, light source with 100 Watt bulb, fan (s), plant mister (a spray bottle), potting soil, large plastic bags, ring stands; clamps (or buret holder), microscope slides, microscope(s), cover slips, slide mounting medium (i.e. 50% glycerol), 50% ethanol, new razor or scalpel blades, weighing scale or balance, and small spatulas

Storage: Room Temperature

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