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Researching Alzheimer's Disease by ELISA

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In this experiment, students will become neuroscientists searching for Alzheimer's Disease biomarkers. Students will explore potential biomarkers by analyzing simulated patient samples from control and Alzheimer's Disease populations.

Group size: For 10 lab groups

Time required: 1 class period

Kit includes: 10X ELISA wash buffer, ELISA dilution buffer, AB (MD - the B here should be the beta symbol), primary antibody, secondary antibody, ABTS, ABTS reaction buffer, stop solution, small transfer pipets, strip tubes, 15 mL plastic tube, 1.5 mL snap-top tubes.

All you need: Paper towels, distilled or deionized water, beakers or flasks, glassware, gloves, safety goggles, automatic micropipets (recommended).

Storage: Some Components Require Refrigerator Storage.

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