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What Does DNA Look Like?

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NGSS-aligned with MS-LS1.A & MS-LS3.A.

This fun and easy lab activity shows your students what real chromosomal DNA looks like and allows them to explore the procedures involved in DNA extraction. Just overlay with 95% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol and spool the DNA on the glass rod!

Group size: For 10 lab groups

Time required: Complete in 30 minutes

Kit includes: instructions, Concentrated Chromosomal DNA, Concentrated Buffer, InstaStain® Blue Cards, Transfer Pipets, Spooling Rods, Plastic Disposable Beakers, & Calibrated Transfer Pipets.

All You Need: Pipet Pumps or Bulbs, 50 or 100 ml Graduated Cylinder, 20 ml Beakers, 100 ml Beakers, Test Tubes, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol or 95% Ethanol, Distilled Water, Paper Towels, and Ice and Ice Buckets.

Storage: Refrigerator

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