Lac Operon Model

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Gene regulation in E. coli made clear!

The lac operon consists of 3 genes that the bacteria E. coli use to utilize lactose as a food source. The genes are only switched on when lactose is present.

Your students will make a model of the lac operon and use it to see how bacteria are able to control these genes. The model covers the lac repressor, RNA polymerase, operator, promoter and the lacZ, lacY and lacA genes and their products.

Makes an engaging way to explain prokaryotic gene regulation.

Origami Organelles are downloadable paper models that you print and make as many times as you like! When you purchase a model, you are licensed for unlimited use on a single site or campus.


Dimensions: 48 cm x 18 cm / 19" x 7"

Download includes: instructions, model templates, and PowerPoint file

All you need:scissors and tape

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