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EDVO-Kit #331 Replenisher

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Replenisher includes the following components:

Components for Amplification (Module I)

A Primer Mix Concentrate
B Template DNA Concentrate
C Universal DNA Buffer (TE Buffer)
D Ultrapure water
• 10x Gel Loading Solution

Components for Electrophoresis and Staining (Module II)

E DNA Standard Marker

Components for Purification and Digestions (Module III)

• Purification Buffer
• Wash Buffer
F EcoRI & HindIII Dryzyme® Mix
G Reconstitution Buffer
H Enzyme Reaction Buffer

Components for Ligation (Module IV)I Vector cut with EcoRI and Hind
• T4 DNA Ligase

Components for Transformation and Cell Culture (Modules V and VI)

• Calcium Chloride
J Competent Cell Solution
K Control DNA
• Recovery Broth
L Kanamycin
N Salicylic Acid

Components for Assay (Module VII)

O Wintergreen Scent

• Store @ -20˚ C