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Contest Open Until March 24th at 5:00 PM ET
Win an EDGE™ Integrated Electrophoresis System!

The EDGE™ Integrated Electrophoresis System revolutionizes biotechnology by merging an electrophoresis chamber, power supply and blue light into a single, safe and easy-to-use apparatus. It runs a 10 x 7 cm gel in less than 20 minutes with crisp band resolution while enabling real-time visualization of DNA migration. And all EDVOTEK® and PLTW® electrophoresis experiments may be run without protocol adjustments. Bring the EDGE™ to your laboratory for the ultimate in convenience, performance and results.

• Less then 20 Minute Gel Runs for Fast, Real-Time Results
• Integrated Electrophoresis Chamber, Power Supply & Blue Light
• Dual 100/150 Volt Modes w/ Automatic Safety Cutoff Switch
• Includes 10 x 7 cm Gel Tray, Rubber End Caps & (2) 6/8 Tooth Combs
• Permanent Electrodes - No Replacement Required
• Built-in Fan & Ventilated Design Prevent Condensation • Compatible with SYBR® Safe, GelGreen® & Other Blue Light-Reactive Dyes
• Ready-to-Run™ EDVOTEK® & PLTW® Experiments
• Universal Voltage for Worldwide Use
• 3 Year Warranty

For more information about the EDGE system, CLICK HERE

We will be hosting additional giveaways at all EDVOTEK workshops in Denver and at Edvotek Booth 624. Stop by and say hi!

Here's all you have to do:

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The deadline for submissions is 5:00PM ET on March 24th. The winner will be contacted soon after and announced publicly. Good Luck!

*Contest is open to NSTA attendees only*