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Complete Set of 16 New AP® Chemistry Kits

SKU: EVT-8117


The complete set of Innovating Science 16 AP Chemistry Kits is available!

Kits Included:

IS8101 Lab #1: Effect of Concentration on Transmitted Light
IS8102 Lab #2: Beer’s Law – Mass percent of Copper in Brass
IS8103 Lab #3: What Makes Water Hard?
IS8104 Lab #4: Acid in Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks
IS8105 Lab #5: Separation of Molecules
IS8106 Lab #6: What’s In That Bottle?
IS8107 Lab #7: Green Chemistry and Purification
IS8108 Lab #8: Determination of the Actual Percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide
IS8109 Lab #9: Examining the Composition of a Pain Reliever
IS8110 Lab #10: How Long Will That Marble Statue Last?
IS8111 Lab #11: Rate Law of the Fading of a Dye Using Beer’s Law
IS8112 Lab #12: Designing an Effective Hand Warmer
IS8113 Lab #13: Le Chatelier and the Colors of the Rainbow
IS8114 Lab #14: Structure & Concentration in Acid and Base Titrations
IS8115 Lab #15: Buffering Activity of Common Household Products
IS8116 Lab #16: Preparation of Effective Buffers