Water Quality Testing III: Multiplex PCR Testing of Water Contaminants

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Drinking water is routinely tested for contamination. If a screening tests positive, more sophisticated tests are required. One such test uses PCR in multiplex format. In this experiment, students will test for the presence of three separate, classroom-safe organisms in a water sample using a single PCR reaction.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Experimental components have changed to include new LyphoPrimer™ and LyphoControl™ reagents and SYBR®Safe DNA stain. Please read the accompanying literature as directed in your kit.

Group size For 25 students

Time required:

Extraction - 60 minutes
PCR Setup - 10 minutes
PCR - 2 hours
Electrophoresis - 60 minutes
Staining - 5 mins or overnight

Kit includes: instructions, PCR EdvoBeads™, Universal DNA Buffer, LyphoPrimer™ Mix, EdvoQuick™ DNA Ladder, LyphoControl™ (Complete PCR Control), TE Buffer, Proteinase K, Potassium Acetate, DNA Extraction Buffer, BactoBeads™, UltraSpec-Agarose™, Electrophoresis Buffer (50X), SYBR® Safe Stain, FlashBlue™ Stain, Microcentrifuge & PCR Tubes.

All you need: DNA Electrophoresis, Thermal Cycler, Micropipets: 5-50 µl, UV or Blue Light Transilluminator, Water Bath, Microcentrifuge, Microwave or Hot plate, & Isopropanol.

Storage: Some Components Require Refrigerator or Freezer Storage Upon Receipt.

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