Tornado™ Vortexer

SKU: 5023


The Tornado™ Vortexer is a general purpose mixer for applications that demand vigorous and uniform vortexing.

• Variable speed rotary dial provides pre-set speed control (1000, 2000, 3000 rpm) during vortex mixing.
• Stable elastomeric device feet, provide vibration dampening and prevent movement during operation
• Innovative head can be removed for cleaning purposes
• High impact absorbant body shell


Speed Range: Variable 1000-3000 rpm (shaking to vortexing)
Orbit: 3.7 mm
Control: 3 position slider - (top) intermittent, (middle) off, (bottom) continuous
Weight: 8.66 lb/3.93 kg
Dimensions: 171 W x 190 D x 197 H mm (with mixing head in place)

SGS-US-C, CE, CB Scheme, RoHS 2, PSE, and WEEE compliant
Five Year Warranty

Mixing Head Holding Capacity

• Center pad area for hand held mixing
• Assay Plate x 1 (to be used with retention cords)
• 50 mL conical tubes x 2 (horizontally mounted)
• 15 mL conical tubes x 2 (horizontally mounted)
• 5 mL tubes x 2 (horizontally mounted in the same retention space as 15 mL)
• 1.5/2 mL microfuge tubes x 4 (vertically mounted)
• 0.5 mL microfuge tubes x 6 (vertically mounted)
• 0.2 mL microfuge tubes (strip tubes) x 24 (vertically mounted)