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MyLab™ Custom Kit - How Do We Keep Our Food Safe?

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NGSS-aligned with HS-LS1, HS-LS2, HS-PS1 & ETS1.

Are you planning a virtual curriculum or looking for experiments ideal for distance learning? With MyLab™ custom kits from Edvotek, you can plan your curriculum and have all the materials sent directly to your students!

Each kit comes with instructions and materials for 2-3 runs of each experiment. **Free USPS Shipping**

1213 - How Do We Keep Our Food Safe?:
Bacteria grows and multiplies rapidly unless kept in check by good sanitation, food safety, and personal hygiene. Many procedures are routinely used in food safety that include cooking, chilling, cleaning, and avoiding cross-contamination. In this experiment, milk will be used as a growth medium for bacteria. A blue dye will be added that turns colorless when bacteria grow in it. The impact of cooking, chilling, and cross-contamination will be tested to determine bacterial growth.

• Learn how biotechnologies and the 4Cs protect food from pathogenic bacteria
• Explore how temperature affects bacteria growth
• Open ended experiment lets students design and test additional variables
• Includes indicator dye, pH paper, acetic acid, sodium bicarbonate, tubes, pipettes