Cell Culture Toxicity Screening

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Toxicity screening is a powerful technique that allows scientists to determine the effect of potentially harmful substances on living cells. In this inquiry-based lab, students will plan and implement a toxicity screening experiment using insect cell culture. The results will be analyzed to determine cell viability and to estimate the LD50 of the toxic solution.

Kits contains LIVE materials which must be requested 2 weeks prior to day of the lab. Culturing of cells is required upon receipt. Additional medium may be required if culturing of cells or if the experiment is not performed within three days upon receipt.

Group size: For 6 lab groups

Time required:

Module I: 15 Minutes
Module II: 15 Minutes
Module III: PreLab: 5 Minutes, Experiment: 15 Minutes
Module IV: PreLab: 20 Minutes, Experiment: 30 Minutes, Overnight Incubation
Module V: PreLab: 20 Minutes, Experiment: 60-90 Minutes

Kit Includes: insect cells, insect cell media, dilution media, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, 50% alcohol, Trypan Blue Dye, cell culture flask, cell counting chambers, disposable pipets, tubes, culture plates, cell scraper.

All You Need: incubator, covered plastic container, or cardboard box to grow cultures, 70% Ethanol in spray bottles, pipet pump or bulb, inverted phase contrast or bright field microscope suitable for cell culture, 10-100 µl micropipets and tips, safety goggles, disposable lab gloves, and lab coats, marking pens, containers for trash, bleach.

Storage: Some Components Require Refrigerator Storage

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