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MyLab™ Custom Kits for Distance Learning


Welcome to Edvotek® MyLab™ Custom Kits!

Are you planning a virtual curriculum or looking for experiments ideal for distance learning? With MyLab™ custom kits from Edvotek, you can plan your curriculum and have all the materials sent directly to your students!

Each kit comes with instructions, materials for 2-3 runs of each experiment, and the necessary PPE. Our current offerings are listed below, but we’re constantly adding new experiments and our scientists will even work with you if you have a particular experiment in mind that isn’t listed.

Each order is precisely tailored to fit your individual needs. Once you’ve identified the best experiments for your students, email us at info@edvotek.com and we’ll work to have your order shipped as soon as possible. The price of each experiment includes PPE and ground shipping.


1103 - Building DNA with Beads

  • Understand DNA base pairing
  • Model the structure of DNA
  • Explore palindromes, restriction enzymes, DNA synthesis, and genetic engineering
  • Includes instructions, 75 colored beads


1104 - Spooling DNA on a Stick
  • Learn about living organisms and DNA
  • Hands-on experiment using real DNA
  • Spool DNA and visualize genetic material
  • Includes chromosomal DNA, spooling sticks, transfer pipettes, DNA stain
  • Alcohol included upon request


1105 - Extracting Fruit and Vegetable DNA
  • Learn about the basics of cells and DNA
  • Extract DNA from household fruits and vegetables
  • Spool DNA to visualize genetic material
  • Includes extraction buffer, test tubes, pipettes, and spooling stick
  • Alcohol included upon request


1106 - Micropipetting Basics
  • Learn the critical skill of micropipetting
  • Hands-on pipetting practice
  • Understand the importance of micropipetting in science
  • Includes instructions, fixed volume micropipette, tips, dyes, and pipetting sheet


1219 - Simulation of COVID-19 Antibody Test

1301 - How Clean is Our Home Environment?
  • Learn about bacteria and where they are in your home
  • Experiment with household cleaners to see which are most effective at killing bacteria
  • Understand the relationship between bacteria and cleaning
  • Includes petri dishes, agar, filter paper, and transfer pipettes


Each individual kit purchase is $29, which includes PPE and shipping. Bulk pricing is also available for purchases of 2+ kits per shipping address:

❖ 1 experiment to 1 address - $29
❖ 2 experiments to 1 address - $55
❖ 3 experiments to 1 address - $79

Need More Information or Ready to order? Just email us at info@edvotek.com to get started!