Ultrasonic Investigation with Breast Dummy

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This experiment shows a typical application of ultrasound in medical diagnostics. A benign tumor on a realistic breast dummy is which has to be diagnosed, localized and measured with an ultrasound cross-section imaging method.


• Ideal experiment for medical students in the preclinical phase: true-to-life breast cancer examination using a breast model
• The echoscope used in the experiment can also be used for other medically relevant experiments like A-scan, B-scan and ultrasound tomography
• Display of ultrasound image as for a diagnostic system


• Examine the breast dummy and search for any pathological changes. Try to characterize them as accurately as possible (size, location, mobility, strength of the change).
• Produce an ultrasonic B-scan image of the breast dummy, especially in the regions of interest. Based on the ultrasound image, estimate the location and magnitude of the tumor.

What You Can Learn About:

• Breast sonography
• Tumor size
• Benign Tumor
• Ultrasound imaging procedures
• Ultrasound echography
• A-mode
• B-mode