Visible Spectrophotometer

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The Visible Spectrophotometer enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples within the visible spectrum and is a great value in a precise, accurate, compact design. Featuring a large, easy to read digital display, visible wavelength range of 340 -1020 nm, 5 nm bandpass, Four modes: T = transmittance, A = absorbance, C =concentration & F = factor, auto-zero function, and a sample compartment that accepts square cuvettes (4 square optical glass cuvettes included as well as a user manual). It can be widely used in the classroom to analyze biotech and chemical properties of many different materials.


• Optical system: Single beam, diffraction grating
• Wavelength range: 340nm~1020nm
• Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp
• Receiving component: photocell
• The largest allowable error of the wavelength(nm): ±3.
• Wavelength reproducibility (nm): ≤1
• Spectrum bandwidth (nm): 6
• Stray light (T): ≤0.3%(at 220 nm,360 nm)
• Photometric Range: 0-200%, -0.3A~3A
• The largest allowable error of the transmittance (T): ±1%
• Photometric repeatability (T): ≤0.5%
• Stability: ±0.004A/h@500 nm
• Dimensions: 450mm×520mm×320mm
• Net weight: 8kg