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EDGE™ PCR LabStation™

SKU: 5073


The Edvotek EDGE™, EdvoCycler™ Jr., and 5-50µl Variable Micropipette are the perfect starter package for your classroom PCR lab! With a 16-sample block, the EdvoCycler™ Jr. features an intuitive touchscreen with real-time cycling data, active cooling, and storage for up to 100 PCR protocols. The all-new EDGE™ seamlessly combines an electrophoresis chamber, power supply and blue light into a single easy-to-use apparatus that can be used to load with the 5-50 µl micropipette and run your samples quickly in under 10 minutes!

This LabStation™ includes the following:

1 Cat. #500 EDGE™ Integrated Electrophoresis System
1 Cat. #540 EdvoCycler™ Jr. (16 x 0.2 ml)
1 Cat. #590 Variable MicroPipette (5 - 50 µl)