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MyLab™ Custom Kit - Blood Dialysis and Kidney Function

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NGSS-aligned with HS-LS1.

Are you planning a virtual curriculum or looking for experiments ideal for distance learning? With MyLab™ custom kits from Edvotek, you can plan your curriculum and have all the materials sent directly to your students!

Each kit comes with instructions, materials for 2-3 runs of each experiment, and the necessary PPE.

1236 - Blood Dialysis and Kidney Function:
Human blood is the carrier of nutrients and oxygen to cells and serves to remove cell byproducts and carbon dioxide away from cells. Carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen in the lungs and the kidneys remove metabolic products in urine. Individuals suffering from serious kidney diseases can be helped by dialysis, a technique that removes toxic substances from the blood. This experiment provides a visual demonstration of hemodialysis using safe dyes that represent blood and urine.

• Discover how our kidneys work
• Dialyze simulated blood samples then diagnose patients
• Learn how to detect and treat kidney diseases
• Includes simulated blood samples, dialysis tubing, calibrated transfer pipet