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MyLab™ Custom Kit - Colorimetric DNA/RNA Microarray

SKU: 1235


NGSS-aligned with HS-LS1, HS-LS3, HS-LS4 & ETS1.

Are you planning a virtual curriculum or looking for experiments ideal for distance learning? With MyLab™ custom kits from Edvotek, you can plan your curriculum and have all the materials sent directly to your students!

Each kit comes with instructions and materials for 2-3 runs of each experiment. **Free USPS Shipping**

1235 - Colorimetric DNA/RNA Microarray:
Microarrays allows scientists to analyze gene expression of many samples in one assay. This technology has led to cost savings by reducing the sample size, while saving time and yielding accurate results. In this experiment, students explore the biology of cancer by looking at changes in gene expression in simulated patient samples.

• Explore the biology of cancer
• Learn about gene expression and regulation
• Perform a simulated microarray on four patient biopsies
• Includes instructions, microarray card, patient samples, indicator dye, pipettes