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MyLab™ Custom Kit - How Is Substance Abuse Determined?

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NGSS-aligned with HS-LS1 & HS-PS1.

Are you planning a virtual curriculum or looking for experiments ideal for distance learning? With MyLab™ custom kits from Edvotek, you can plan your curriculum and have all the materials sent directly to your students!

Each kit comes with instructions and materials for 2-3 runs of each experiment. **Free USPS Shipping**

1232 - How is Substance Abuse Determined?:
Examples of substance abuse to enhance muscle mass for athletic performance are readily available. A second group of substances often result in addictive behavior that destroys the lives of individuals and family members. In this simulation, students test patient samples for illicit substances that can be detected in urine.

• Learn how drug use alters the brain
• Discuss drug abuse and addiction
• Test for the presence of drugs in a simulated sample
• Includes samples and controls, colorimetric reagents A & B, tubes, pipettes