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Scents and Sense-ability

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NGSS-aligned with MS-LS8

The objective of this experiment is for students to understand that olfactory receptors respond to smells and transmit them as signals to the brain. Students will also be able to understand the principles of thin layer chromatography and how they apply to separation of olfactory compounds.

Group size: For 10 lab groups

Kit includes: instructions, limonene, anethole, eugenol, s-carvone, unknown sample, anhydrous sodium carbonate, potassium permanganate, TLC paper, transfer pipets, microcentrifuge tubes.

All you need: pencils, 100ml beakers, 400ml beakers, gloves, rulers, saran wrap, 100% ethanol (200 or 190 proof), 15ml conical tubes, & distilled water.

Storage: Room Temperature.

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