Investigation 13: Enzyme Activity
Cat. #AP13

This easy and safe experiment allows your students to learn about enzyme catalysis, the nature of enzyme action and protein structure-function relationships. Students will perform an enzyme assay and determine the rate of the enzymatic reaction. This experiment uses a safer system that eliminates the need for sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate.

For 10 Lab Groups

Requires 30-45 min.


Kit Includes: instructions, hydrogen peroxide solution, guaiacol solution, phosphate buffer pH 3, phosphate buffer pH 7, phosphate buffer pH 10, and phosphate buffer pH 14

All You Need: turnip root, distilled or dionized water, pipet pumps or bulbs, Erlenmeyer flash, 500 ml, spectrophotometer, water baths, filter paper and funnel, test tube racks, test tubes (13 x 150 mm), thermometer, cheesecloth, parafilm, hot plate, timer or clock with second hand, lab permanent markers, ice, razor, goggles, and blender

Storage: Refrigerator

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