Water Quality Testing III: Multiplex PCR Testing of Water Contaminants
Cat. #953

Drinking water is routinely tested for contamination. If a screening tests positive, more sophisticated tests are required. One such test uses PCR in multiplex format. In this experiment, students will test for the presence of three separate, classroom-safe organisms in a water sample using a single PCR reaction.

For 25 Students

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PRODUCT UPDATE: PCR cycling change for Multiplex PCR. Update effective for all #953 kits purchased after March 16, 2015. Please read accompanying literature for your kit.

Kit includes: instructions, control DNA and primers, DNA ladder, proteinase K, PCR EdvoBeads, gel loading dye, agarose, electrophoresis buffer, InstaStain® Ethidium Bromide and FlashBlue™ stain.

All You need: Automatic micropipets (5 - 50 µl) and tips, waterbath, ice, balance, microcentrifuge, thermal cycler, electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, microwave or hot plate, UV transilluminator.

Storage: Some Components Require Refrigerator or Freezer Storage

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